Natalie Stopka Virtual CFO Chicago, Illinois


Hey there, I'm Natalie.

I'm a Chicago-based virtual CFO for companies in need of expert, strategic, financial streamlining.

My clients work hard running their businesses and my job is to make sure they're saving as much money as possible and making smart decisions when they allocate funds for continued growth.

Accounting is in my blood.

I was taught early on, that a business' financial system is its backbone. My father is an accountant and I remember as a young girl being tasked with putting checks and invoices in numerical order as he worked.

In addition to receiving my BS in Business Administration and MS in Taxation, I also have a degree in Interior Design. I love creative innovation as much as tried and true organization and am passionate about tailoring remarkable systems for my clients. When you 'gimme the books,' rest assured you'll get solutions that are user-friendly, efficient, and insightful.

Smart business owners have been giving me their books for the past 15 years and letting me take the stress out and complication out of their financial systems.


I can set up, customize, and manage any (or every) aspect of your financial system:

  • Bank Accounts
  • Credit Cards
  • Loans Payable
  • Accounts Payable/Receivable
  • Payroll
  • Payroll Taxes
  • Payroll Filings
  • Sales Tax Tracking and Filing
  • Monthly Financial Reporting
  • Asset Tracking, Depreciation, and Depletion,
  • Financial Data Analysis
  • Company Acquisitions, and Dissolution
  • Forecasting and Strategic Planning
  • Track Performance Metrics
  • Act as Liaison with 3rd Party Companies
  • Assist With Contract Negotiations
  • Quantify Longterm Goals
  • Trend Analysis

Financial ease and peace of mind is an email away.
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